Scuba Diving

Explore a new fascinating world, discover colors and shapes that have never been seen before, floating weightlessly in a breathtakingly beautiful underwater world!

Diving in Los Carriles

Steep wall of La Farola


The neighboring island of Cayo Levantado is called Cayo la Farola. North of the island we have a beautiful steep wall for divers who are not very experienced. Here we often find lobster, winged clams, lionfish and scorpionfish. The steep wall is covered with many corals and starts at a depth of 10 meters. Maximum diving depth here up to 35 meters.

Suitable for beginners.

La Farola 2


In the other direction we have lots of smaller descents with plateaus at different depths.
There are also stingrays or eagle rays and many different coral banks. At shallow depths, you sometimes feel like you are in an aquarium with lots of colorful fish. This place is also suitable for snorkeling.

Suitable for beginners.

Barco Ferry


About 1 kilometer west of Cayo Levantado, a car ferry sank about 7 years ago.
It is now a home for many corals and even more fish. Here you can dive through schools of fish and see moray eels or large ghost crabs in the corners and slits. Ideal for the 2nd dive, as the maximum depth is 11 meters. Snorkeling is also a lot of fun here.

Suitable for beginners with experience.

Diving in Piedra Bonita

Barco Monica


The second wreck in the bay is about 10 meters deep and is a small freighter.
We have many corals and schools of fish. Occasionally a school of barracudas. However, after a lot of rain, the view can be a bit restricted.

Suitable for beginners.

Coral garden


The best place to go into the sea for the first time is very close to the port of Samana.
A lot of corals from 2 meters to about 8 meters deep and very calm.

Suitable for beginners.

Piedra Bonita


There is a dive site for more experienced divers on the cliffs of Cabo Cabron. A mountain begins at a depth of about 5 meters and extends up to 60 meters into the Atlantic. Visibility of 20-30 meters is not uncommon here. There are a lot of fish on this "beautiful stone". Among other things, we have seen schools of tuna and sharks here, but also turtles in the wild. Most of the time there is a strong current, so the group has to dive down pretty quickly in order to enjoy the protection behind the mountain.

Experienced divers only.

Diving in Schildi Tibisi



Further to the west comes the steep wall of Tibisi. This place is a bit quieter, the steep wall is in a small bay. Same here, visibility of 20-30 meters and a lot of colorful corals. A small cave at 30 meters and some fish. We meet barracudas, balonfish and lionfish here regularly. The boat trip can be a bit rougher.

Suitable for beginners with experience.

Los Cariles


In front of the beach of Fronton, the dive site "Los Cariles" starts approx. 25 meters. A very large coral field, which begins at a depth of 20 meters and drops slightly to 40 meters. This place is a bit quieter than the two above, but the visibility and the colors don't let up in any way.

Suitable for beginners.

Montana Bonita


A little further off the coastline, a mountain begins at a depth of 30 meters and ends up to 40 meters deep in the sand. Again, great visibility, schools of slightly larger fish and the chance of sharks. Only because of the permanent depth only for experienced divers.

Experienced divers only.

Diving with the whale shark

Bootstauchgänge in Samana
1 Dive
Packet of 5
Packet of 10
Bootstauchgänge in Las Galeras
2 Tauchgaenge an einem Tag inkl. Transfer nach LG min. 2 Personen

Training according to CMAS

Trial diving in the sea (without license)
Basic diving license from 12 + youth basic diving license from 10
Lessons + exam, 4 dives in the pool, including rental equipment and certification.
3 boat dives in the sea with diving instructor including rental equipment
CMAS bronze from 14
Lessons + exam, 6 boat dives, including rental equipment and certification
Package basic diving license + basic
Basic diving license package up to bronze